Great shooters are consistent in their practice. They often get up 500 to 1,000 shots every day, at least six days a week, sometimes taking a day off to give their body a break.

Every time they shoot they are paying attention to their form – but only in practice. In the game, the key is not to think. There are four types of focus:

1. Kinesthetic focus – shooting requires a sense of where your body is in space. Therefore shooters are paying attention to their elbow, alignment, flick of the wrist, holding follow-through, balance, etc.

2. Visual focus – shooting is 90% vision. SO they are making sure they are locking onto the center of the hoop. When they shoot they want their minds to be silent.

3. Tempo focus – great shooters move very smooth, at 7.5 out of a scale of 1 to 10. They use “soft muscle.”

4. Emotional focus – legendary shooters are calm when they shoot. Almost like airline pilots who speak very softly no matter what the weather conditions are. They are not too low or too high, they are perfectly poised. They control their breathing, which helps them have the same mechanics in the game as in a practice.

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