What is fear?

How to Handle Fear


  1. Picture the opposite of fear and your end goal – see what you want.
  2. Call nervousness excitement.
  3. When it is time to go on, stop thinking! Get “stupid.” No thoughts.

Other ideas:

  1. Be curious about fear. It’s a fun idea!
  2. Fear doesn’t really exist! It’s just your thoughts.
  3. You are not how you perform, you are still a good person.
  4. It’s about you becoming more courageous and braver, not the world becoming less fearful.


#1 Antidote to Fear = PREPARATION

Comfort Zone Drills

Building up resistance to fear is a must. Like all things, all it takes is a little practice! A friend sent this to me. Try do cross this list off. 

  • Ask for 10% off the next time you buy anything.
  • Starbucks drive thru – pay for the coffee in the car behind you.
  • Crank your favorite songs and have a dance off in a parking lot to make strangers laugh.
  • Hug a stranger. (ask permission first!) 
  • Have a difficult conversation face to face instead of email/text/phone.+ Send someone flowers for no reason.
  • Send someone flowers and candy for no reason.
  • Write a poem and read it allowed.
  • Give an HONEST opinion instead of a canned safe one.
  • Strike up a conversation with a stranger.
  • Spend a whole day answering the question, “How are you today?” with the response, “Outstanding! How are you?” (It’s more uncomfortable than you think).
  • Attend a Meetup group.
  • Go to a local shelter and walk the dogs
  • Bake some cookies for the old folks home.
  • Go to a restaurant, order and eat dessert first.
  • Write 5 thank you cards to your best friends and tell them why they mean so much to you. Send them old school via snail mail.
  • Have a dance off in front of your mirror.
  • Go to a thrift store with a $20 budget, dress your friend/significant other hilariously, and then go out to lunch in your new spunky outfits.
  • Lead your friend/significant other to a beautiful place blindfolded, bring picnic supplies.
  • Go to your favorite book store, and leave notes in your favorites books for future readers.
  • Go to a restaurant, convince the cook to create something completely new for you.
  • Rent a movie you’ve never seen before. Mute it and improvise the dialogue.
  • Take a class you’ve always wanted to take.
  • Email 5 of your closest friends, and ask them this. (Then return the favor)
    • If you had to deliver my eulogy and sum up what you would remember about me most in a few sentences, what would they be? What is your favorite memory of us? What advice do you think I need to know about life
    • Ask someone on a date who you think is out of your league.
    • Date someone totally outside of your comfort zone.
    • Hire a photographer, and get head shots… just because.
    • Sing karaoke.
    • Make a free hugs sign, stand in a high traffic place and dish out some lovin’
    • Buy lunch for a homeless person, or better yet, take them out to lunch and hear their story.
    • Invite a teammate you don’t know well to lunch and get to know them better.
    • Dress up for no good reason, or wear something you normally wouldn’t.
    • Travel alone.
    • Call an old friend it’s long overdue with // reconnect with someone from your past.


Pro-Tip #1:

Learn the Breathe, Stretch, Shake, Let it Go under Game Time Drills!