Recommended Readings

A Guide to Rational Living by Albert Ellis Pscyhocybernetics by Maxwell Maltz Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Mindset by Carol Dweck Flourish by Martin Seligman

10 Commandments of Golf

I. Thou shall work as hard as possible – I value working out over hanging out. II. Thou shall hit 500 to 1,000 shot per day and love the club and the golf ball.* III. Thou shall be in the best condition possible, able to give 100% the entire round. IV. Thou shall speak to one’s self positive to oneself and build oneself up. (I am always in flow, I always hit the sweet spot!) V. Thou shall visualize each day intensely! VI. Thou shall respect the course and the competition. VII. Thou shall have confidence in one’s self at all times (I am always in flow, I always hit the sweet spot!). VIII. Thou shall be at 7.5 on all swings and grips. IX. Thou shall be at 6.5 on all puts (except lags). X. Thou shall love to do his or her mental training everyday!   *If you are a part-time golfer, try to do this once per week.