A Major Secret

Hi guys, Dillon here. I want to share with you a secret, and it is this:

There is no such thing as nervousness.

But wait, you say, what do I feel before I go play? What is that? I am definitely nervous!

Well, you call it nervousness but what it really is something else. What are you feeling is EXCITEMENT! You are actually excited to play.

But here’s the thing – if it excitement comes out ALL AT ONCE and UNORGANIZED, then it feels not great. The key is to get all your excitement organized.

  • Organized excitement makes you expect good things; disorganized excitement makes you worry about the future.
  • Organized excitement makes your energized; disorganized excitement ends up making you very tired (Did you ever get super tired before you had to play?)
  • Organized excitement actually calms you down and quiets the mind; disorganized excitement makes you try to hard and makes the mind too active!

Nervousness is just unorganized/disorganized excitement – but it’s still just excitement.

The way to organize this energy is to start to get the body and mind doing the things you do when you are just playing a game with your friends. That’s really the only difference between a real game and a pick-up game/practice. You are breathing differently, your muscles are less tense, and your mind is more silent.

What the NoNervous program does is help take that disorganized excitement and organize it – it calms you, make you expect the best, and actually get into the zone. You aren’t “nervous” – that doesn’t exist. There is only excitement. Check out my artwork demonstration below! (Ha!)

Okay, I’m not much of an artist – but you get the idea. It’s all just excitement, but organized excitement is well – ORGANIZED!

One More Thing

Mental training does not stop with calming yourself before a game – though that’s a big deal. Mental training drills can help you transform your games in ways you couldn’t believe. Go check out GeniusCOMPETITOR.com – we are just getting started with this new product.

But this is the not the first time I have worked with athletes. Hundreds of thousands of athletes (and entrepreneurs and others) have used my mental training programs. The psychology of the game is not taught – I’m here to change that!

The full programs at GeniusCOMPETITOR.com only takes about 15 minutes a day – that’s it and the price is SUPER affordable. If you need anything at all – just chat us or message us at NoNervousTeam@gmail.com.

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